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So is Tauroneo redeemable at all as a unit?

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Hey all. Many apologies if this has been asked somewhere before. I'm going through FE9 one more time since it's been a while on Hard. This time though I want to use characters I haven't really used before.

I was looking at Tauroneo and from what I see he seems to have pretty decent bases (even RES!), A rank in both Swords and Lances, and Resolve. I know he's at level 14 and is in a game primarily dominated by mounted units, but he's so low on the tier. Does he really suck that bad?

Also, have any of you guys had any good experiences from Largo in Hard Mode? He has no defence. At all. And he's the last unit to join your party from what I remember. Doesn't seem like he can contribute too much, but I do like his personality and strength!

Thanks for the input everyone.

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Tauroneo has relatively low availability, low Mov, and low attack speed. If you can get him into Resolve range you can fix the last one at least but his high durability kind of gets in the way there.

Largo's defenses are pretty bad, but his HP is high enough and enemy Atk isn't very high so his durability is passable. His Atk is very high and he can double most things. He's decent filler.

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Tauroneo is rather easy to use, although he suffers from all the armor issues blahblah he's more comparable to late game Oswin than the usual can't do shit chump.

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FE7 units also tend to have lower defense and IIRC the maps are smaller and it's easier to choke a point.

Tauroneo's a fun unit but he's not exactly that effective when even Haar and Geoffrey are around the corner, just as tanky but with twice the movement. And I'm not even mentionning that most units you've trained before shouldn't be dying much at this point either, especially Sol Paladins.

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