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Fallout 4 Reveal soon?


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Any Fallout fans?!

Well check this website out: http://thesurvivor2299.com/

Alot of people are guessing that Fallout 4 will be announced/revealed when the timer ends.

Also, the beeping noise is apparently morris code.

I was sceptical when i first heard about the site but the vault-tec logo at the bottom has changed my mind. http://images.wikia.com/fallout/images/0/06/VaultTecLogo.png

I just hope Bethseda makes it as good as Skyrim and it's latter was!

BTW People speculate it will take place in Boston.

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Skepticism was pretty large until the vault-tec logo. Then one of the morse codes referenced one of those radio signals you find in Fallout 3, where two parents take their child into the sewer to hide from the bombs. You find the two parent skeletons, but not the child (which some take to be the titular Survivor).

Personally, I love Bethesda games. They're buggy, pretty awful in their level and difficulty design, and sometimes pretty empty, yet somehow they can be one of the most magical experiences I know for a first playthrough. And by the time a second playthrough comes around, there are a shitton of mods to make the experience ten times better than vanilla.

Playing through the latest Bioshock Infinite DLC, I keep feeling like Fallout 4 could be beautiful and amazing to play. When I was in the trainyards of Crysis 3, I instantly wanted to play in this kind of openworld sandbox under the guise of Fallout 4.

For those who are fans of Bethesda's Fallout, you should definitely check out the Nuka Break webshow.

When Three Dog's VO mentioned returning to the Mojave, I thought maybe Bethesda employed the Wayside guys to get this show legitimized :o Edited by Celice
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People may see this as trolling, but I feel I need to express it. I ain't bothering with Fallout 4 unless Obsidian handles the writing and quest design while Bethesda handles the rest. It's okay if you like Bethesda games, but you can't deny that writing is one of their biggest weaknesses.

In addition, Fallout 4 deserves a better engine than Skyrim's engine. As far as I'm concerned, Creation Engine (Skyrim's engine) is just Gamebryo with fresh coat of paint.

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I'm all for it, except for the fact I can't afford a PS4.

Last I heard, Bethesda had pledged, at least with their next few titles, to be cross-gen. Probably because they had already put so much dev time into the last generation with their latest projects. I only hope the trend doesn't persist for too long--it's bad enough console technology held back games for so long last generation, and it'd be a shame to voluntarily cater towards last gen tech once again for the sake of profit. But it wouldn't be unexpected, either.

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