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Tiled Map Insertion


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So... I'm trying to insert a map, and basically, I can insert it, I can the event table references to it, and it works ingame (without the proper tilesets and stuff, obviously). However, changing the Object Sets/TileConfig/Palettes breaks the game (it crashes, no sound). Changing the triggerable tile changes does the same.

Any help?

Also, my friend did the same thing and it worked. I'm thinking I did something wrong on Nightmare, but not sure.

Note: I used C2 map changes (because other chapters have none).

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Use the tiled map inserter to insert the map again. This has happened to me many times; if you edit the info in nightmare after inserting the map with both programs open at once, nightmare will undo the changes made by the tiled inserter so once you have you object set pointers and whatever set up in nightmare, save and close nightmare then reinsert the map and it'll work fine.

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Tried it both ways (map first, then nightmare, nightmare first, then map) and it always works after the first step (aside from it being inproper tiles) but gives the same crash the second time.

Is something wrong with the .tmx file?

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Insert the map.

Close the inserter.

Open game and test map

Open nightmare

Change object type and all that jazz

Save and close

Open the map inserter and reinsert the map

Close inserter

Open game and check map


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