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  1. Are these serious questions? If so, no
  2. It worked! Thanks so much :D
  3. I tried gg too but I couldn't really figure it out. Here's the gif at any rate. If you could help that'd be great http://m.imgur.com/q6jZ2tL
  4. I'm going to try Fireworks because the frames were ripped from an edited gif anyway. I'll let you know how it goes. Thank for the info. Edit: I tried it and I got it to export the frames as pngs but they still have different palettes when I open them in Usenti
  5. Brendor


    Really nice work there. Is it FE5 inspired or an original work? The only problem I can see is that the path around the inn is blocked by the village on the bottom right, so you can't get to it without going around, and you also can't move right from it without going around. I'm not sure if that was intentional or not, but it might be a slight gameplay issue.
  6. [1:33:06 PM] Robert House: is there anyway to make multiple images have to same palette [1:34:06 PM] Robert House: they use the same colors but the color order is different [1:34:14 PM] Princess Juicy Lucy: oh i see [1:34:25 PM] Robert House: so if I load the second image with the original palette the colors get fucked [1:34:36 PM] Princess Juicy Lucy: yeah idk actually, since if you load a palette-- yeah Basically I want to know if there's any simple way I could change the palette order on individual frames so that I can use only one palette. Thanks a lot.
  7. Yeah I stole the Reablumbra thanks to the enemy control glitch
  8. I can definitely tell you the latter was intentional since I coded it.
  9. Python 3.x support added. Link's the same
  10. Here is the link. This program requires Python 2.7 Most of the relevant info for use is included in the readme, but if you have any questions you can ask in the topic or PM me.
  11. Brendor

    Dat Merc

    now she actually looks like a fighter
  12. Benvenuto Tuo inglese e` bene; meno malo
  13. A 3D first person section basically as part of a glorified cutscene
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