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A Little Event Assembler Convenience


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When I'm making my scenes in event assembler and I get to the background, I always have to look in the background definition file for what I want, then use it in the game to see if it was what I was looking for. While nintenlord did a good job with the descriptions and it doesn't take too much time to test it, I made a file with the background pictures paired up with their respective BACG numbers. Nothing too special but it is a bit of a time saver for me so I thought I would share it.

Sadly I have to upload it as a pdf since I don't know of any text files that support pictures too, so you won't be able to edit it.(If anyone can help me upload it as it normally is, I would appreciate it)

But anyway, for those of you who are interested, here you go:

Background list with pictures.pdf

EDIT: For easier viewing in the PDF go to View>Page Display>Two Page View

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