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What exactly makes something so bad it's good?


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Ham to Narm Ratio?

With the right balance of ham and narm, an objectively bad work can become a thing of beauty. Like take, the Wizard film with Fred Savage. Just the right amount of hammy delivery, over-the-top situations, and narmy lines/effects. If the ham outweighs the narm, (or the narm is non-existent) than its just ham without the flavor and loses its appeal. The reverse also true.


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Once something can't be taken seriously with any mindset, then I find myself broken by something. It hurts to laugh, but the pain feels different than normal pain, it's more like being pinched and tickled as opposed to just being one of the two

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The worst is not to be bad, it's to be... unsignificant. Tepid. Unnecessary.

Most of the time, it's used for things that are dumb fun, with unwanted comedy.

But sometimes, you find works that hit every wrong button, and seems to exist only as a deliberate attempt at sabotaging itself.

Some kind of twisted genius hat is so beyond common sense, logic, or good taste that you can't help but be fascinated.

That, my friend, is the true meaning of "So bad, it's good" : Something that goes so far in the wrong direction it ended up good.

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