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About BExp and Capacity...

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I've read in places that BExp can "Fix up" certain problems a character has. What does this mean? I know that it only levels up 3 stats within the level, but does it work like Fixed Mode in that it will level up lower stats in comparison to the actual growths? And do growth boosting items still work with Bexp level ups?

Do skills that come with the character take up no capacity or not? From my memory, it doesn't, but I could be wrong.

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This seems like it belongs in the RD section. As for your questions:

Path of radiance: skills that come equipped on the character take up the normal amount of capacity. The BEXP levels give you normal stats on levelups, but the stats that end up getting upped can apparently be manipulated by increasing it in certain intervals. I've never done it though.

Radiant Dawn: pre-equipped skills take up no capacity, if you take them off and put them back on they'll take up the normal capacity. In RD BEXP levels give 3 stats per level(unless you have less than 3 stats uncapped), and so if your unit has already capped a few stats,the remaining stat ups will be forced into other stats. This is commonly used to fix character's weak points, like Arran, who has enormous STR/SKL/DEF growths but mediocre others.

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You seem to be mixing up mechanics from both games. It's hard to know exactly what to tell you regarding what happens since it's hard to know what game you're talking about and which part of it you're interested in, but I think Gyarados did a good job of giving an overview of the mechanics.

For PoR, BEXP levels are random. You can reset and reload to get different level ups. On Fixed mode, there's no growth weighting beyond the effect of items, so I'm not sure what you mean about leveling lower stats.

For RD, you always get exactly 3 stats. That means once stats start capping, BEXP can be useful for getting extra growth in stats that might otherwise have low growth rates. BEXP levels weight towards your highest growths though, so characters like Micaiah will get MAG/LUK/RES a very high proportion of the time until one of those caps.

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Path of Radiance fixed mode allows you to do some fun level up abuse if you've got enough time for it. Basically, you get "points" for every EXP depending on the growth of the stat. It's determined by growth/10 * EXP gained, and a resulting from this 0.5 gets rounded up. So if a character has a 50% growth, then if you feed them 1 EXP at a time, for each EXP gained they get 1. Thus, from 1 level, they will gain 100 points (and the stat increases). Compare to if you decided to get them 100 EXP straight off, then it would only be 50 points, and they would get a new stat every 2 levels or so. The same can be applied for growths between 25-45% and 2 EXP, etc.

It's not really that great, to be honest. It mostly works well on units like Makalov since his growths are all around 45-50%.

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