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If you could customize MU's quotes, what would they be?


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I mean like Support, Dual attack, guards, Crit/Skill and Kill quotes.

Mine would be:

"I'm by your side."/"Stay vigilant."/"Be careful."/"Draw your weapon." (Support)

"Over here!"/"Fool!"/"Dual Attack!"/"Now!!" (Attack)

"You're welcome."/"Pay attention."/"I won't let you lose."/"Move!" (Guard)

"You forced my hand."/"Checkmate." (I'd keep that one)/"My regards to the afterlife!"/"You'll have to forgive me." (Crit/Skill)

"One down."/"Rest."/"Next up?"/"Whatever it takes." (Kill)

"Gee, thanks."/"...hmph."/"Couldn't have done it alone."/"Well..." (Ally kill)

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I want "Would you like an axe to the face?" in there for mine in particular since she's almost always an axe user

Probably attack quote or something

don't know if I can come up with a full set though

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Hmm... I'll do my two Avatars for this:

Support: "Get your weapons ready!" / "Stay close." / "I'm with you, alright?" / "Let's do this."
Dual Strike: "You're still standing?" / "Out of our way!" / "Just give up and go away..." / "Fall."
Dual Guard: "Hey, watch it!" / "Heads up!" / "Look alive!" / "Oh no you don't!"
Critical Hit/Attack Skill Proc: "You're in the way, move!" / "You've chosen the wrong target!" / "You're outmatched!" / "Time's up!"
Victory: "I'll do whatever it takes..." / "Phew..." / "...You fought bravely." / "All clear."
Victory (Partner killed enemy): "...Thanks." / "I owe you one." / "I had everything under control." / "Well done."
Zero HP: "I... slipped up..."
Death (text): "No... This can't be... how I die... I... won't... allow..."

Retreat (text)*: "Argh... This is no good. I'll just be a nuisance in this state... I should fall back. Sorry, Chrom."

Support: "I'm right here!" / "I won't let you fight alone!" / "Let's do this together!" / "We can take 'em!"
Dual Strike: "Stand back!" / "I'll take this one!" / "You're not getting away that easy!" / "Together!"
Dual Guard: "I've gotcha!" / "Don't you dare!" / "That was close..." / "You okay?"
Critical Hit/Attack Skill Proc: "I'm sorry..." / "Please, stand down!" / "Don't underestimate me!" / "I'll not hold back!"
Victory: "Rest in peace..." / "Please forgive me..." / "I have to press on." / "I only did what was necessary..."
Victory (Partner killed enemy): "Thanks so much..." / "We're a great team!" / "Couldn't have done it without you!" / "Nice job!"

Zero HP: "Gahhh!! O-Ow..."
Death (text): "I... don't... want to die... Chrom... help, I'm... cold..."

Retreat (text)*: "Ugh... I-I don't think I can fight like this... I have to get out of here. Everyone... Keep fighting! Don't give up!"

*If they were regular party members/didn't give Game Over upon defeat in Casual/Newcomer.

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Hmm... On second thought, I like Lord Crump's lines too. They'd make great critical/death quotes. "Time to give you a taste of the lil' old CRUMP-A-BOMB!" "BUH! BUH! BUH HUH HUH!" "You guys should be little puddles of nothing by now..." "BLAAARGH!" "And with that... Pow! I'm gone!"

And of course, the best line of all: "SEE HOW MY MUSTACHE MOVES IN THE WIND!"

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we are having the same contest in the forum games sections so I will pull mine up...



What's lucky for me, ain't lucky for you!

You would've done the same I'm sure!

You can't plan for everything!


"The butcher finally came to collect his tool"

"The only unfair fight... is the one you ...

"death falls on those who deal it sooner than later."

"Heh...I couldn't dance with Death till the last note... my friends would be disappointed”


when supporting:

It's time to toss the dice!

I'll flank

I like these odds

dual strike:

hit them when there down!

dual guard:

lucky I'm here

What if I wasn't here?

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