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Fire emblem the sacred stones nightmare digits for promoted units skills?

Duncan Idaho

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I am searching for the digits that are the skills of the promoted classes: General, Sniper, Rougue and Bishop.

This to give to most Physical units the assassin skill and the great knight line Big Shield and mages and their multiple branching promotions would be given slayer making the bishop class equally optional to the sage (in the case of Moulder and Arthur) and would give an extra incentive to promote L'arachel, Lute and the nun whose name i cannot remember to Valkyrie or Mage Knight.

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FE8 skills don't work that way. You can move around Lethality/Silencer with an ability byte, but the other skills are assigned by ASM during battle and are more difficult to fool around with.

thanks for the answer, i guess i'll need to get experience with the ASM thing.

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