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when are stats generated for throne room enemies in chapter 22?


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i thought that they were generated when roy unlocks the throne room door, but i've been burning RNs and not only does zephiel keep showing up with 72 HP (instead of 71), but the enemies in the room have had the same stats no matter the RN string. the odd thing is that the RNG advances by many values when roy opens the door.

i know that in maps like chapter 3, where the throne room enemies are hidden at the beginning of the map, their stats are generated when they're revealed.

if anyone has a chapter 22 HM save, can he check to see if the heroes have the following stats (when starting from a chapter save after a hard reset):

left hero: 54 HP, 19 str, 19 skl, 19 spd, 11 luk, 17 def, 5 res

right hero: 52 HP, 18 str, 22 skl, 17 spd, 10 luk 17 def, 6 res

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I can tell you from my experience in Nightmare that the chapter 22 throne room enemies seem to generate their stats at the same time as anyone else. In other words, not when Roy opens the throne room.

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