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The AAI2/GK2 case 1&2 translation release


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Have you played it? If so, what are your thoughts about it?

I came into this patch by coincidence. I was looking for news about the translation while not expecting much (I originally wanted to play Dual Destinies and almost forgot about GK2, but I really missed an AA), then I stumbled upon the download link for cases 1&2. Now I can say that I'm more hooked about GK2 than Dual Destinies.

The first case is, in my opinion, simply the best first case of the entire series (which is bad for newcomers for its complexity, but why would you play GK2 if you are a newcomer? derpherp), and although the second case is around average (still fun, in my standards), I am positive about case 3 being a hit because of Gregory Edgeworth, and I can barely wait for another release.

According to the gbatemp thread about it, they have already translated the third and fourth cases, but are having a bit of trouble with the english dub and case 5 will probaby be released around the end of the year.

Overall, I loved the patch. They did a good job on making the game feel like an AA with the puny names and joke references. I like how they didn't only focus on text and are also focusing on translating the evidences/pictures/etc. I didn't like the dub much and I wish they'd leave it alone because it takes a long time and, overall, the quality is dubious.

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I considered playing it in Japanese, but I'm not proficient enough to play it smoothly (especially because of those logic chess segments - you can only use savestates so much until it becomes a chore). So I'm waiting for the full translation, I'll play it then.

And I don't know why some people insist on making fan dubs, really. Especially when there are subs already.

case 5 will probaby be released around the end of the year.

I find these long-term predictions hilarious. When it comes to fan works, they tend to mean months of procrastination followed by a delay, after all.

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I also found the huge time delay strange, since their boss pretty much said that case 3 and 4 are fully translated. What would make case 5 take so long to be translated? I don't think this is a matter of fandubbing or not, since he said it'd take half a year regardless of it. According to info from a very honest staff worker, they haven't even touched case 5.

Anyway, I have no complaints about how long it will take, since they're doing a pretty good job overall and doing it all for free. I can wait until the end of the year (which is the worst prediction for a release). I just wish they'd release case 3 right now, as I don't really care about fandub and that's the only thing stopping it from being released.

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