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I'm Ninja Penguin, or NP, if you like. I've been actively participating in the FE fandom online since about 2007 -- I was a moderator over at Fire Emblem Empire for a few years, even, which has been my primary haunt for Fire Emblem stuff.

That said, Serenes Forest seems to be the hip and happening place, these days, so I might as well make myself known? I sprite things, write things, and I'm a decent hand at a few programming languages, and that's about all that's worth knowing about me. I've already made a topic for my spriting, and I'll probably post up my spritefic when I have a moment.

I see a few familiar faces, browsing around, so I guess I'm not throwing myself into completely unknown waters. Hoping to get comfortable here!

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Welcome to the Forest!

I noticed your other thread says that you play D&D. What edition do you play?

I play first edition AD&D. I have some 35 year old books right next to me now.

Also I made a thread which I detailed some actions of my characters... What alignment do you think the action is?

This forum is dead set that I am a certain alignment but I disagree.

here is the link:


it is in the "far from the forest" section.

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