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Child canonical hair colors


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Hey, just wondering, has anybody attempted to pair up the characters so that as many children as possible have the hair colors they have on their artwork? Seems like it would be a fun thing to do. From what I can gather, here are the closest:

Cynthia: Frederick, though really that results in more brown than grayish, but it's by far the closest of her options barring a male avatar. But conveniently, Sumia's hair color is close to Morgan's artwork hair color, so that could work.

Owain: Libra, Vaike.

Kjelle: Donnel actually comes pretty close, so that's convenient. But Lon'qu's close too. Leaning more towards Donnel than Lon'qu.

Laurent: Gregor, maybe Ricken or maybe Gaius.

Brady: Libra, Vaike, again.

Gerome: Gregor's the closest, but Gerome's canon artwork hair is kinda pinkish, no luck there outside of a male avatar, and that would screw up Morgan's canon hair color.

Inigo: Virion, pretty clearly.

Yarne: Henry.

Nah: Closest one can really get is Stahl without a male avatar, but that screws up morgan's canon hair color.

Severa: Gregor's the closest you can get, really.

Noire: Donnel or Lon'qu. Leaning more towards Lon'qu than Donnel.

Morgan: Lon'qu's hair seems to be the only real option here, except maybe Sumia.

Anyone else have thoughts on this?

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Hey OP, the kids just have the hair color they have on the artwork so that it doesn't start any ship wars. The kids just have the same hair color as their mother.

Oh, you're trying to get it as close as possible? Huh. Alright then, carry on.

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