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Final Fantasy IV The After Years


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Who is your favorite Character?


They have my place of being equal. ^_^

What tale is your favorite and have done first? Not counting Ceodore's as his is forced first.


His is my most favorite as he travels with his daughter, Ursula. She does do a good job of bringing grace to this game like Rydia and her tale with her doll friends Calca and Brina. Plus, going out in the wild for some palm oil seems like a rather fun trip.

What rare equipment do you bother to go for, or win? (Especially this is for item dropping nuts)



Almost everything...

Also there are tails that you can win in the after years from drgns which are very rare 0.4% drops.

Here they are...


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Yang and Ursula's chapter was great, yeah.

Porom's one was pretty good. (the Love Triangle around Porom is horendous though.)

I have a soft spot for Gilbert's chapter as well. (because it showed him being pretty great despite how weak and spoonyhe is)

Holy Kain is still an all around badass, which is my main reason to like him.

Harley wasn't really good, but I found her pretty cool.

I tried to have all the rare items on each secret dungeon, but I hadn't any tails (except the rainbow tail)

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My favorite was the Lunarians' tale because the Man in Black is a bamf. Yang's tale is also pretty grand because Yang is also a bamf. I enjoyed Edward's tale because it showed how much Edward had grown as a character, but I found it lacking in any sort of challenge.

And Porom's challenge dungeon needs to die.

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Oh, and another thing. What were they thinking when they reintroduced two-handed weapons? That was such a terrible idea back in 1991 that they removed it from the DS remake.

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kain cecil and rydia are the only ones i can even remember so i think that says a lot. there were those twin things too but have no idea what their names were.

literally cant answer any of the other questions without cheating and looking so not sure why im even responding but heres a nice friendly bump

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