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Binks' Emblem


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Binks' Emblem is a grand tale about a green-haired mercenary. Binks, after being killed at Carcino, decides to buy a fortress in Renais and retire with the rest of his mercenaries. Life seems decent enough, until tax collectors hired by Pablo arrive, taking Binks' 5000 gold for "taxation". Infuriated, Binks goes on an adventure with trusty confidant Damian to find "that stinkin' Pablo" and take revenge for this misjustice.

On the way, Binks recruits many comrades, such as the knightly Innkeep, college roommate Knoll, and Samson and Adon from Chou Aniki. Everyone will have some wierd personality or quirk. The different routes will have unique exclusive characters to encourage replay value.

Now, onto the technicalities. Binks' Emblem is a simple modification of FE8. I hope to include these changes.

A new story and script for Eirika's path, meant to reflect Binks' adventure for money. Also, Ephraim's route shows the adventures of Innkeep, trying to aid Binks in defeating Pablo.

Class modifications. Monsters will become more powerful, and some classes will have different names and properties. Some classes will even be brand new.

Every playable character will be changed or modified. Erika becomes Binks and Seth into Damian, for example.

A balanced, entertaining gameplay that both casuals and hardcore gamers may enjoy.

Flashbacks detailing Binks' life in Carcino before being owned. Or just flashbacks of the previous chapters for idiodic reasons.

And most important, a new, hilarious story bound to bring a smile to your face.

Some screenshots for you, too. ^_^











You can find the patch for Binks' Emblem here. It goes up to most the end of Chapter 10, Binks' Path. Enjoy! ^_^

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Newest patch can be found here. This goes to Chapter 13, Binks' Route. The ending and a couple scenes for Chapter 13 are not completed, however. :/

Just a note, but though Flyin Bob appears around Turn 5, he is not recruitable. Just leave him alone. ^_^ And some recent screenshots for you Serenes people.








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When I applied the new patch, my ROM went to hell. All of my weapons and commands had gibberish for names and when I visited a village, by ROM reset.

Are you using a clean US ROM? Because I never did have that problem. >_<

why is seth's hair suddenly purple?

I'm currently trying to replace him with Damian, who has purple hair.

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Innkeep's route is being worked on now. Also, I've balanced several characters, most notably Aias, James, and Pablopedia. Some screenshots of Chapter 9 now. ^_^





Note that when I meant Innkeep's route will be more difficult, I meant it. Brave weapons abound. ;)

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Hey, are ever going to use that Hicks mug I made for you? Not that it's that important, just wondering ^^

Of course. Hicks is going to be the incredibly overpowered character that joins last, though. <3

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