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Holy moly pixie sticks on cinnamon toast


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-Insert face of shock here-

Tale of Desperaux (the book about the mouse and the soup and the spool of thread) is becoming a movie? Real and for surely?

;_; I loved that book to pieces. And chocolate-covered strawberries.

Anyone else read this book?

Also if it's rly becoming an animated motion picture, I'm going to hope and pray that it's good. Or I'm going to kick ass.

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Nope haven't read it..what is it about?

Omg you need to read it. Now.

It isn't a very long book, but I thought it was like the cutest ever.

It starts out with a mouse being born, the only alive of its litter and his family notices how much smaller he is compared to his older siblings and such, and that he has larger ears and is sickly and was born with his eyes open. His mother named him Desperaux saying he wouldn't live anyway, but he did.

(They lived in a castle btw lol medieval setting) He started becoming interested in things mice weren't normally interested in, like reading and music. Eventually his family started to become almost afraid for him, and then he falls in love with a princess and gets in horrible trouble for talking to her because it broke the mouse code;;;

.. Yeaah, it's short but more complex than you'd think because it's told in the perspective of three different characters and then is tied together in the end. My friend said it confused her, but it didn't confuse me too much...

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See I was at the bookstore at the mall here (which sucks) and had this shelf thingy full of the book and was all "READ BEFORE THE ANIMATED FILM COMES OUT!1 -COMING WINTER 2008- and I kinda stared at it for a minute.

Because I'd actually like to see how a movie of this book would turn out.

So let's see.

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I have not read this book, but I have no doubt I will hate the film. Films of books tend to make me dislike them, just because I always prefer the book.

Well, yeah, usually movies based off of books do suck because they skip too much/do shit that just makes it all "wtf why did that happen there the book is better"

Which is why I'm not all "OHHH" yet. I'm going to wait and see.

If I don't like it, I will rant.

I will rant hard.

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