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How would you make a parody of Fire Emblem?


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Story, characters, setting, etc. All of these are available to you. I would create a FE in which the main protagonist is readying an army to kill the big bad dragon just because they're a dragon. Even though the dragons are extremely friendly an not hostile.

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Give all the classes silly satirical names and descriptions that fit their usual roles in-game.

Also, Hit/Crit have a range of 1-99% and critical hits just OHKO instead of triple damage.

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Legendary weapons with just one use (it has been sitting in a cave for half a decade what do think would happen)

The Jagen in the game is old like Marcus in FE 6 and will literally die of old age after 6 or so stages.

The Lord is a pansy and will only strike once before running away from battle for 3 or so spaces, the enemy have to corner him to hurt him (at which point he will surrender and you will get game over) as he will run away if attacked wherever he can

Shops will run out of stock and raise the prices of items you commonly buy.

Dancers distract enemy units giving them one less turn rather then giving you an extra turn, though she give female unit an extra turn because they get so jealous

Only ranged attacks can counter attack flying unit with a ranged weapon (come down and face me why, when I can stay airibour and not get hit).

Your dark magic user become more and more crazy the more powerful he gets.

You can only recruit two enemy units one that in order to keep on your side you have to outbid the enemy and then you have to actually pay 1000 or so gold per map you want to deploy him in and why would do this you ask, cause he is your only thief. The other one you can recruit can be in up to four battles (in the map you recruit him on you would just have to not have him fight on this map to have him stay) during which the enemy will scold him for being a traitor so forth and that was there friend and then the fourth unit would be his brother at which point he will rejoin the enemy side.

Avatar thinks he is important (full of himself prideful ect.) but he ends just messing everything up. Also for every S (or A) support with someone of the opposite sex he try's to marry them at which point he gets brutally rejected by them, expect for the extremely crazy and creepy guy/girl that looks kind of homely. Also no matter how you design your avatar it will alway ended looking like a dweeb. No matter what you name them your name will end being Eugene if male and Mrytle if female. The Avatar get to make decisions but messes things up in such a way that always he end up with the same result, tell one random point in the plot you can choose to go though with is his "best plan ever" which sound pretty good on paper, but end up with him stuck in a impossibly hard level where the Avatar is the only deployable unit and which even if you beat the avatar will die. After which no one will mourn your death (if you marry the crazy person they will be sad for one level after which she will move on) and will get the good ending. Also quite a few of the first chapters are you trying to do the same thing but the avatar keeps messing up everyones plans, so you can have the avatar die at any time and not have a game over and you beat the game a lot faster also your death is only mourned past if you died within the first three chapters before they really get to know you.

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