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So I'm new to the Serene Forest forums (this is even my first post), but I'm not new to either Fire Emblem or Serene Forest. I joined to see if I could get some optimization help/suggestions considering I recently got all the awakening DLC (meaning I can grind exp/gold for this run).

I made a google doc showing my setup that I plan to use. I went through the hassle to make it neat incase anyone wants to use it for reference. I need help deciding whom the children should marry.

My Setup: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1i_8mRRwq0mN8WWUo6HGLJeIqO8QOfYzm2va5sfdLL9I/edit?usp=sharing

[ In case it wasn't apparent in the doc, it's a M!MU run with +Skill,-Defense. ]

Skillset suggestions?
Pairing suggestions?
Class suggestions?

General feedback?
Anything is appreciated.

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Sorry for my ignorance. I'll do that right away. s:

Though I must say, it's not just about pairings, it's general optimization. I won't argue though, chances are you know better than me.

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So I accidentally deleted my main save, so I'm taking the opportunity to redo my pairings and skillsets. The link in the original post has be changed entirely.

Anyone care to offer their advice or input as to any changes that should be made?

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Chrom x Sumia: overkill on Spd. Procs don't work in the back so take off Luna, Aether and RK.

Olivia x Stahl: she's not a combat unit, don't waste deployment slots on a dedicated pairup. If you wanted to run her as one though, you'd use GF (not Vantage).

Lucina x Owain: why Sage x Paladin? Conflicting pairup boosts. Consider changing to Stahl!Owain and going physical, or changing Lucina to Sniper to take advantage of 3-range Celica's DSes.

Kjelle x Laurent: Laurent's Spd from Berserker isn't making a difference, change Kjelle to Wyvern and swap All+2 for Astra to make it do more.

Morgan x Brady: Asset/flaw? If +Mag/-Def, All+2 isn't needed.

Severa x Robin: Speed overkill, Lon'qu!Severa should be a Wyvern instead. Asset/flaw also are important, +Str/Skl are good but +Mag is silly.

Nah x Inigo: Lethality is useless, consider Deliverer or All+2. General can also be interesting for Nah.

Noire x Yarne: Spd overkill, swap All+2 for Astra. Yarne should use LB/Agg/AF/Hit+20/Prescience; Lethality is useless, especially in back, and more Hit will help more than All+2 typically.

Everything not commented on is fine, but I notice you've brought no Staffbots. Those are extremely important.

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