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Writing Style Difference Theory (minor chapter 6 details ahead)


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So I watched the fan translated scenes of the avatar choosing a side, and after some further analysis of both scenes, I've come up with a small theory about the writing direction of each story. Because of the localization, some stuff may be subject to change, but hey I like new stuff.

In the Birthright version, the avatar explains the choice to Xander alone, and Xander doubts the avatar's words prompting him to attack the avatar until Ryoma can show up and save the avatar's life.

In the Conquest version, the avatar explains his path to Ryoma, with Xander encouraging the avatar on. Ryoma tries to attack the avatar, but Xander blocks any blows.

The last thing we need to notice is the camera's angle. During most of the Birthright scene, the camera looks down on the avatar whenever the avatar speaks for an extended period of time. In Conquest, the camera is generally level to the avatar, but in my opinion, it looks ever so slightly upwards. In cinematography, characters viewed from an upwards facing angle are more likely to give the viewer a sense of power than ones looked at from a downwards perspective.

So what am I getting at? I theorize the story written for Conquest will ultimately make you feel more empowered than the story written for Birthright. The stories themselves could be any number of things, but I think the tone of Birthright will feel much more like a desperate struggle akin to past games, while Conquest will be more of a, well, story of conquest.

Do I think this means one game will be better than the other? No, of course not! Stories of survival can be just as fun as romanticized war stories. I just felt like sharing the things I noticed with these scenes.

So, do you think the stories of Birthright and Conquest will take this route? What are your ideas on the tone of the plot? Feel free to let me know!

Do any of you realize how hard it was to make sure I always said "the avatar" so it would be all inclusive?

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Well the camera angles are certainly not going to change from the Japanese version, and nor will most of the plot, and I can confirm that Birthright puts Corrin in a much more powerful and morally justifiable position than Conquest.

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