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  1. I recall that they put some outlaws in the top right to discourage sending flyers up there. Of course, you can just fly around them and it only makes it take one or two turns more than it would otherwise. Not exactly masterful design
  2. Sakura and Midori have very similar growths. In that sense, she doesn't significantly harm or benefit Midori. It's a pretty safe pairing. The mods are pretty neutral too. She'll have to live with pink hair and green eyebrows, though, and that's approaching critical levels of tacky. For the record, I vote Mozu too.
  3. 1) Mercenary isn't a bad choice. Hero and Bow Knight are both good classes, and I had Corrin as a Bow Knight as his final class in my Revelations run. Bows are simply powerful ranged weapons and that's pretty great. Hero has better Defense. I'd say choose depending on whether your party has more Axe users or more Bow users, and how much MOV your spouse has, as you'll want your couples to have similar MOV to each other so they can stay together. Before premotion, it doesn't really matter when you switch to Mercenary because the two classes have similar stats and share a weapon rank. What I normally do is wait until 10 for Dragon Fang as it's an excellent skill. One decent progression could be: Prince to level 10 Mercenary to level 20 Master Seal to Hero Hero to level 5 for Sol Hoshido Noble This way you'll have Dragon Fang, Nobility, Sol, Hoshidan Unity and Strong Riposte. Not too bad. However, you might find you want to Friendship or Partner Seal to something else along the way, like Samurai. Don't worry: every sword class will perform competently and Corrin can get enough skills that you'll have an effective unit eventually. Don't think anything you do will permanently screw him up. 2) If you want all the kids, you can't marry Felicia, Azura, Sakura, Hinoka, Rinkah, Hana, Setsuna, Orochi, Oboro, Kagero or Mozu, because there won't be enough women left to mother one of the other children. If you play as a female Corrin, you are safe unless you marry Rhajat, because gay marriages don't make children. Pair with whoever else you like. The good thing about Corrin is that they can A support with everyone, so if you S-support someone and decide you don't want to use them anymore, you can replace them with anyone you want and receive a platonic support bonus that's nearly as powerful. Corrin's Personal Skill also provides an excellent boost to anyone he pairs up with. If you want to optimize a bit, marry someone who will raise your Strength, Speed or Defense when paired up, like a Samurai, Ninja, Oni Savage, Spear Fighter or Cavalier. Similar MOV is cool too. Remember that anyone you marry can get the Mercenary class, so you might not want to marry Felicia or Silas (as they have it already) and might want to give it to someone who could use it well.
  4. FE11 gave you dump units like you say. FE1 and FE11 also gave you replacements by having certain characters only join in Gaiden chapters that are opened when units die. FE2 let you revive units, too. Other FE games, though, you're just stuck with whomever you have left. In Awakening and Fates, though, you can use Spotpass or the Logbook to recruit Einherjar, so you can always get more units. They are sidestories that acknowledge folks are dying. For example, one late-joining character is important to the plot for a power she has. If she dies, the story pulls out a side chapter to explain how Marth deals with that, and gives you another character to replace her.It's worth noting that they aren't canon, though, since they made a sequel where everyone comes back, so nobody could have died in FE1.
  5. I loved DmC and Dragon Age II, and (most of) Inquisition When I think of DA:O and Mass Effect 2, I think of all the awesome things Bioware did with the self-insert hero, romance, team dynamics, meaningful choice and all the other things that Awakening and Fates tried to do and I get so excited for the possibility of a Bioware Fire Emblem that I lift off the ground. Then I remember the crap they pulled with Mass Effect 3 and Sonic Chronicles and I fall right back to Earth. As much as a Bioware FE excites me, I don't trust them. Next Level Games, on the other hand, has demonstrated its talent with what I found to be some real gems in the Nintendo library, like Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon, Punch Out!! (Wii), and Super Mario Strikers: Charged... even if they spend the rest of their time making shovelware licensed games and awful ports.
  6. Sachiko Wada is hands down my favourite FE artist, with Kita in second. Seeing either again would be awesome. As for writing... I wouldn't mind a Western team, actually. This might not be a popular opinion, but I'd love to see the result of a Western team handling the Fire Emblem series, like Metroid Prime (developed by the American Retro Studios), DmC: Devil May Cry (developed by the English Ninja Theory) or Super Mario Strikers: Charged (developed by the Canadian Next Level Games). A Western developer could bring the next entry in a different direction and may pay more attention to Western fan input. I'd be really excited.
  7. I choose "Only flesh!" because I love the quotes where the characters try to justify how much fun they have killing hundreds of people
  8. There may be a few more, but this is what I've found: -Every "[Character]'s [Weapon]" excluding the Amiibo ones or weapons from the other route -Raider Weapons (Hoshido): Raider Katana, Raider Yumi, Raider Naginata -Brigand Weapons (Nohr): Bragand Axe, Brigand Knife, Disrobing Gale -Joke Weapons (Hoshido): Daikon Radish, Bamboo Pole, Carp Steamer, Chopstick, Bamboo Yumi, Paper, Lantern -Joke Weapons (Nohr): Bottle, Broom, Frying Pan, Quill Pen, Rubber Bow, Ember, Candy Cane -Mundane Weapons (Hoshido): Parasol, Pine Branch, Hoe, Hair Pin, Malevolent Text -Mundane Weapons (Nohr): Umbrella, Stick, Bone Axe, Stale Bread, Violin Bow, Moonlight
  9. Quick Salve doesn't let you move again, no. You can only use a command. You also can't use a second item.
  10. Personally I think Caeldori, Arthur, Yukimura, Felicia, Benny, Odin, Laslow, Izana, Gunter, F!Corrin, Asugi, Kaden, Takumi, Selena, Sakura and Shigure all sound fantastic. I'm also very fond of Azura's "LOOK ME IN THE EYES!". ...but I'll admit that characters that used to be my faves in the Japanese version, like Kagero and Hinata, are less likeable with their new voices. But others, like Forrest and Reina, sound much better now. It's a competent job overall.
  11. Even if the character's fine with it, Corrin still freaks out and leaves though, unless it's your spouse. Such an innocent soul. For anyone who didn't play the Japanese version and is upset they missed this: don't be. The models look awful 90% of the time, they were not meant to be viewed this close, and the water effect is terrible. They sit stone-still in weird positions, their low-poly hands look absurd and fin-like, and the water draws attention to their faces, which are flat and awkward. The guys don't even have nipples
  12. Not only are the divine weapons male-only, but their owners all happen to have first-born sons to inherit them too. Heck, it's impossible for any of Corrin's brothers to have daughters at all. I'd like to imagine that Camilla inherits Bolverk from Garon. It's an "elegant but cruel weapon" after all. With 1-3 range, 90 Hit, 10 Crit, and 21 Might, Bolverk blows every divine weapon out of the water. Gotta wonder where Garon got that anyway
  13. They use whatever their highest Weapon Rank is. For example, a Master Ninja with B Swords and D Daggers will use Swords in the arena.I'm not sure what occurs if a Cavalier or Paladin goes in with B/B or A/A, however. I don't use many Paladins.
  14. Putting a prepubescent kid in an army is pretty bad in my book, and so is Kana. Morgan at least was mature enough not cry spontaneously. Design-wise, M!Kana looks normal enough, and his messy hair is more realistic than the perfectly styled haircuts everyone else has. F!Kana on the other hand has grandma hair and giant dinner plate eyes that make it difficult for me to take her seriously. So my ranking: F!Morgan (For being hilarious) > M!Morgan (For GAME OVER!) > M!Kana (For being the more tolerable twerp) > F!Kana (Because putting a little kid in a metal bikini and sending her off to war is always a bad idea)
  15. All the healing skills stack. Only one skill icon will show above the unit, but all of them will activate. Kana with their personal skill, Renewal, Good Fortune, and Even Better or Better Odds can potentially restore all their HP at the start of a turn.
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