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Do I keep the DLC if I start a new game with a save?

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Question is simple enough, but I have been reading up on the now defunct DLC for this game and while I know there are save files available and how I would go about using those, I'd really prefer to start my own game and create my own character from scratch, which is something I haven't been able to find info on. Would I simply start a new game with such a save file loaded up? Or is the DLC locked to a single playthrough? If so, is there any other way to unlock the content on my personal save? Any cheat codes?

I'm sorry for asking what's probably a really dumb question, I know this probably would be easy enough to find out on my own. I'm waiting until I've imported my own copy of the game before I try the fan translation though. >_<

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Once you download the DLC, the sav file (belonging to the game) saves it permanently, so it's there for as many playthroughs as you want.

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Thanks for the reply! I figured this was the case since I didn't come across anyone experiencing issues like that but I'm happy to know for sure now.

I'm pretty sure that this is also true of the unlockables from higher dificulties (mixed class sets, convoy vender stat boosters and the 4 BSFE chapters).

I belive that there is actualy a menu option somewhere that clears all extra and DLC data.

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