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Funniest Moments in Games or Related to Games.


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So what are some really funny moments in games? Or funny things related to games.

Make sure to include the video

Say what you want about sticker star but this diary had me rolling...

Also this

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A lot of scenes from Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga, but in particular the end of Joke's End.

Joke's End might have been the most annoying, tedious and longest dungeon in game, but the end of it is totally worth it. One of the most glorious scenes in the game.

That is a fact that can't be denied by anyone.

I also really like the King's Game from Persona 4.

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One part in the cutscene before Dante and Vergil's final fight in Devil May Cry 3. This is what happens:

Vergil: Give that to me. *Gestures at Dante's half of the amulet*

Dante: *Holds it closer to his chest* No way, you got your own.

Vergil: Well I want yours too.

And in the Special Edition, since Vergil's model goes over Dante's in all the in-game events, Vergil does some things that Dante would do put never himself. Like kicking things.

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