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End of DLC plans?

To Dang Tall

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...I'm probably in the minority holding out hope Beach Brawl and Royal Royale get their difficulties toned down--at least give folks to option of using their own royals if they recruited them or something. If not that then an alternate means of getting inf. Dread Scrolls/Ebon Wings (I do have all 3 Campaigns on that note but it's limited to 2 of each per playthrough. LOL).

On topic:

I expect 1 more map pack, maybe 2. There will need to be a map pack for Paragon though. No doubt about that. I think we will see two more major story Map Packs: One in Set 3 and the other in Set 4:

One Set will follow Selena/Severa, Laslow/Inigo and Odin/Owain post-Fates. How it could be set up without getting into the campaign's ending depends on the Campaign you're on.

  • Birthright: After Garon is defeated, the Awakening Trio decide they are no longer needed in this world and decide to return to travel to Valla so they can return to Ylisse. Looking to jump at the opportunity to finish the job they started before Arete shows up with Sumeragi and Mikoto to ambush the three. As luck would have it, the other Nohrian Retainers + Leo and Camilla show up to lend a hand. They were led to Valla by Azura's power to help them out. After the battle, the three finally reveal their secret. Mission accomplished, they've decided to return to their own world. They get a nice sendoff before departing.
  • Conquest: After Garon is defeated, the Awakening Trio decide to travel to Valla and defeat the dragon Anankos as they promised when they first came, bringing some of their Nohrian friends with them. Anankos is not amused, vowing to ensure they never leave the throne room alive. This is a 2-part batle. In the first battle, every few turns more reinforcements from Nohr show up to help. Try as they might, they can't seem to land the finishing blow and are forced to retreat. At the start of the second battle, Corrin finally arrives only s/he has the Omega Yato. The reason s/he took so long was s/he decided to visit Izuna, who helped him unlock the sword's true form. With the Fire Emblem, Anankos is defeated forever. The Awakening Trio reveal their origins and tell Korrin s/he is neither Nohrian or Hoshidan but is actually from Valla, the realm they are now in. They then depart from Ylisse.
  • Revelations: The Awakening Trio quietly depart for Ylisse. They decide to return to the world they came from. Because of Anankos' death, there is a glitch with the transport magic and they are sent to the Valm Castle Approach. Chrom's forces have just arrived and they are more than a little surprised to see the trio appear out of thin air. The three decide at least they made it back at all and turn their attention to helping Chrom break through. About halfway through the battle, Corrin shows up with warriors from Nohr and Hoshido to help out. The three are surprised but decide to figure out how they got there after the battle. After driving off Walhart, Corrin explains he discovered by accident the Omega Yato has the power to transport people across space-time. He simply used its power to travel to Ylisse. Chrom, Frederick and Lisse remember Corrin, Jakob and Felicia from their meeting in the Before Awakening DLC map. Since their world is at peace. Corrin offers to help Chrom with their campaign.

The other set would be more Awakening crossover only it would be cross-game: Peace has been achieved in Ylisse. Chrom and Corrin decide to have a skirmish, putting their forces against each other in Regna Ferox to see which army is stronger. Which side you fight for decides the reward: Fight as Chrom's forces and you will get the Hoshidan/Nohrian Noble Class Seal, Maid and Butler Class Seals sent to Awakening randomly plus one of the Yato Blades and randomly. You redeem it as Spotpass Data. Shops in Awakening will also now sell Ninja Scrolls (promote to Master Ninja Class only but learns Replicate and Poison Strike but not Lethality or Locktouch, which are learned by other classes in Awakening), Rods, Daggers and Shuriken due to a major update added ahead of the DLC to Awakening. Fight as Corrin's Forces and you will get the Grandmaster Seal and Lodestar Seals randomly plus the Parellel Falchion (Lodestar Class Only), Levin Sword (Grandmaster Class Only; Can cause Critical Hits which the Kodachi can't) and Thoron (Grandmaster Class Only) randomly.

...Sorry, headcanon got a little carried away there XD

I am secretly hoping there will be an update that will allow folks to get DLC Skills from MyCastle if they own the DLC Content it would have come from. I have two 3DS Consoles so...yeah. LOL.

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The children DLC already resolves the issue regarding Anankos in Birthright and Conquest, so I don't think we'll see another DLC about that again.

We don't know if there will be more DLC or not.

I think there still might be more considering we only got one Paragon scroll and there is no 5 star difficulty map yet.

It seems like Fates in general is much less focused on post final chapter content (level-wise) than Awakening was. In spite of that, I guess we could get a map for infinite Paragons, but at the pace they're going, it seems like we might only get one map that goes beyond final chapter difficulty.

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