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Hey guys I sucked it up and accepted my warn after a year and a half finally (with a bit of encouragement from Arch). So I can post now.


Some of you know me.

I'm not awful at this game. I swear.

I think.

Edit to actually put a topic of discussion: What region are all of you from? I'm in Central Ohio (Columbus, to be precise).

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I live in North Carolina, but I'm really from Pennsylvania. Pittsburgh to be precise. My parents want to eventually move back there though. I personally don't. I mean, I love the city, but not as a place to live in. It gets far too cold in the winter for me. I can't stand the cold... I'd love to move to Florida or Georgia instead. Love the heat down there. I may get sweaty and all, but I think it's better than freezing my ass off and barely being able to talk because my mouth gets numb. I've actually lived in Georgia before too, it's cozy.

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