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New Fates playthrough poll



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  1. 1. Who to base my avatar on

    • Micaiah ( magic asset defense flaw Onmyoji)
    • Eirika (Speed asset Defense flaw samurai)
    • Aversa (magic asset Defense flaw Dark falcon)
    • Sully (strength asset res flaw Paladin)
    • Natasha ( magic asset defense flaw Stratagist)
  2. 2. Their path

    • Join Lobster boy
    • Join blondy
    • Sing with her a song

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Wear an uncomfortable thong into battle and work for a guy who may as well be shrieking "I'm evil" at the top of his lungs! Go Sully/Conquest.

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Aversa/Blondy because lol @ fliers in this game. Having a few available can be pretty great, and you have to account for Beruka being shit and not using her.

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Was more annoyed with Micaiah's lack of speed than I ever was at her defense she's a mage so in my head bad defense is just part of the package bad speed though? That is nigh unforgivable, at least Rhys had the excuse of being sickly to explain his lack of speed. Seriously I remember having to shove darn near every speed wing I got on her just to have her stop getting doubled by almost everything.

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