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Mug Desciption 6 voting


Mug description 6 voting  

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Shep is doing whatever he does when he is doing things that aren't things that are things related to things involved in forums

The theme was:

"The most edgy cutest cutie around town"

Must have some type of jewelry. Color purple somewhere.

Voting ends Monday, July 25th

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Posted · Hidden by Tangerine, July 23, 2016 - No reason given
Hidden by Tangerine, July 23, 2016 - No reason given

Gotta clarify something there bud. Shep has finally decided to trust his wife knows him... and looks out for his best interests.

I always own my own choices, and this was 100% my own choice... I just get tired of bullshit, and I realized I had to focus, and stop bullshiting myself.

Very sorry I can't take care of this... but I got too much irl shit to deal with. I gotta know my limits... and I've hit mine. ;)

#yourbuddyshep #mywifeisawesome #imaprotectdaqueen

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