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Question about the FE4 Arenas


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Leif's not that hard to train to promotion. He usually has pretty solid bases if you trained his parents to a decent level, Light Brand is a decent weapon, and if you planned your pairings such that every kid who wants it gets Pursuit, he has like no competition for the Pursuit Ring. Plus there's the kids you can rescue for free levels.

Anyway, it's not that you can only use them seven times. Each chapter has 7 pre-determined opponents(usually more like 9, because there's both a ranged and melee opponent list, and usually like two of the ranged opponents will be a different enemy entirely) and once a unit has beaten all 7, they can't use the arena anymore for that chapter. It may take you more than seven tries to beat it. But once you've beaten the chapter, the next one has a new set of foes in the arena, and even units who cleared the arena the previous chapter can use it until they clear it.

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Each chapter aside from the prologue and chapter 6 have their own arenas. All have their own enemies, so you get 35 enemies in total for gen 2. If you're struggling with Leaf, let him borrow the Hero Sword and Elite ring, he'll get through them and level up pretty fast!

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