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Hello Serenes forest,

So I am new to this forum and this is my first post so forgive me if I tagged anything wrong or posted anything in the wrong topic. If I did please let me know so I can fix that in the future.

I am interested in using rpg maker to create a fan made fire emblem game. I used rpg maker xp to start a pokemon game. The thing about that was I used something called pokemon essentials which imports all the assets from pokmeon and already has pre-scripted things. From brief internet searching I found something called FEXP which sounded something similar.

My questions:

-Is rpg maker an effective way to create a fire emblem game? If so is XP good enough or should I get a better version (pros/cons?)

-Is there something similar to pokemon essentials? Is FEXP used and if so is it good?

Thank you,


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Unless you're very skilled with scripting, the base version of RPG Maker probably isn't an efficient way to make a Fire Emblem game. Fire Emblem is indeed a RPG, but its grid-based combat will probably be very difficult to replicate.

It has been a long time since I heard about FEXP, but with a bit of effort, I think you could make some kind of Fire Emblem game with it. Trouble is, it's an abandoned release, with some post-release support, but not a lot. So you might be limited by what you can do.

Still, I think it'd be useful to mess around with it, get some practice and see how far you get.

Eventually, if you can wait that long, Bwdyeti should be releasing FEXNA, the fully fledged successor to FEXP. Just look up "FEXNA" and you ought to be pleased : )

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