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Let's Play: Live A Live!


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Hello, everyone! I'm WabagelFE and today I'm going to start my Let's Play of...


Live A Live is an underrated SNES gem that was only released in Japan. It's somewhat unique among other RPGs, as it was back when Square Enix was willing to try new things. In the game, you play through seven different scenarios, and then a final chapter featuring all the main characters. These scenarios are...


You guys will decide which scenario to do first. These can be done in any order. Besides this, you will also decide other things.

This Let's Play is not blind (for me at least). However, if you HAVE played this game, I DO NOT WANT ANY SPOILERS. I won't say anything will blow your mind, but there are some pretty nice moments. So that's it for this part. Now you just need to decide which scenario to do first!

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Oh hey, awesome game.

I'll vote for WRESTLER, because I like how that chapter works alot (actually I like how pretty much all of them work but still.)

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Mecha or bust

I find that scenario the funnest

I second mecha, because i stopped playing a few years back due to not being able to figure out who to talk to to advance the plot, and would love some kind of tutorial. Also, please fix the image size by using a hosting service. I almost never read LPs that require me to click on every picture.

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