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Recreating FE8


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OK, so this is my second concept recently and also in my opinion the better one. :):

This was thought up by a friend (Who wishes to be unnamed) as our first real attempt at a hack.

The Concept

Fire Emblem: Sacred Stones was the first FE game I played and is still my favorite. However like all games ever created it could be improved. This is what we plan to do.

Using the original as a base we want to improve the story, graphics and and game play. This will involve (hopefully) new mugs, new icons, new animations, recreated maps and possibly changing battle mechanics among other things.

This will be our first attempt at a hack so we are going to document the process on our soon to be blog here.

As I said this is our first hack so any help would be appreciated especially with graphics of any kind.

... Bye

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Tbh, with all the work you want to put into it, why not just make a new, original hack?

Like, I can understand changing the game mechanics, and possibly even the maps and weapon icons. But if you're serious about modifying the story, portraits, and animations, that's basically the entire game right there. Also, what's wrong with the current animations? Because if you want to redo them all, well...take however long you think that'll take and multiply it by 100. Animations are a pain in the ass. Even if you leave the animations and mugs (which I would, because honestly, what's wrong with the current ones?) alone, romhacking is a time-consuming and often-frustrating thing. Don't be surprised if things end taking longer/are harder than they appear.

Also, regarding requesting things, it's generally a good idea to show that you have something, rather than requesting things right off the bat. There's nothing inherently wrong with doing that, but people are more likely to help you if they feel that their work won't be wasted (ie, you get your stuff, start hacking, figure out it's more annoying that it looks or you don't have enough time, and give up) or if they see you've made some efforts on your part.

Good luck!

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I don't wish to completely modify the portraits and animations, just the ones that could do with being redone.

As far as changing the story i do not wish to massively change it, just edit small parts and the dialog that needs editing due to them.

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