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Earliest access to dark magic?

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Hello everyone!

My Ewan is about to become a shaman on chapter 13 of Eirika's route, and that's cool. But where can I get dark magic? I can't find any in the shops!! And when will I be able to get some? Should I just say fuck it and make him a mage instead?

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I'm surprised that you can't buy dark magic till this point.

In chapter 15 you'll get another dark magic user who will bring two dark magic tomes.

Edit: I'm sure you can buy dark tomes before. I could remember that druid Even fought the boss from chapter 14 with flux because of weapon triangle advantage.

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I'd say dark magic isn't all that great in Sacred Stones, but the Summoner class is pretty cool.

Knoll's summons are far better than Ewan's anyway.

I personally normally make him a mage because I can give him a horse that way, but suit yourself.

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