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Conquest/Hard Kana Parantage

Experiment 626

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Hello all!

I've got most of my pairing set for my current play through on Conquest/Hard, except for my Avatar...

I've gone with a female MU, and +str/-luk as her boon/bane choices, and finally Wyvern Rider as her talent.

I've recently realised that Kana is meant to be a magical kid, due to how his passive encourages use of the Dragonstone. Thus, in order to boost his Mag, I'm curious as to which would be the better pairing for producing a decently useable Kana;

a) FeMU + Leo

b) FeMU + Nyx!Dwyer

c) FeMU + Felicia!Forrest

I'd really like to end up with a not-junk Kana if that's even possible!?

Thanks in advance!

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Kana's growths are absolute booty garbage so they'll never actually hit their thuper thilly caps.

Your best bet for making kana actually useable in-game off a str asset MU is getting Fkana very very very late off MN charolette!soliel for huge base stat inheritence.

Like ch26 late, I guess she can pick up an armorslayer and get one kill on room 3?

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@Mysteryshadow5: I thought that, because Troubadour is Leo's secondary class, he wouldn't get Felicia's secondary class?

IIRC, when dealing with Partner/Friendship seals, isn't it only 'same' primary class that triggers the swap to the secondary/alternate classes?

@joshcja: Sadly I've put in waaaaay too much grinding on my Conquest file already, so I'm stuck with a male Kana... (like, 30-35+ hours alone just grinding the Museum Melee map!)

I was however planning to wait to recruit any kids until they come with Offspring seals, since it'll be way too much of a PITA to train them on the Boo Camp dlc map, especially for the 'later' kids who need to wait until Ch.14-16+ for their parents to even show up!

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