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Sycamore VS Kukui VS Willow


Pokémon Professor Poll  

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  1. 1. Which Professor do you favor?

    • Sycamore.
    • Kukui.
    • Willow.
    • All of them!
    • I can't choose..
    • None of them.

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Um, where are the professors of gens 1-5?

I like Sycamore and Kukui sounds neat too, but my favorites are Birch and Rowan. Birch is just super funny and I like how Rowan is different from the other guys in that he's NOT mostly comic relief, but is pretty reserved and serious. He comes off as an actual real professor. There's also a little gen 4/Sinnoh bias. :P

Oak and Elm are funny sometimes too tho. :P (Oak and Muk scenes in the anime never get old omg lol)

Juniper is also nice for being female for a change, but other than that, I thought she was kind of bland.

We don't know enough about Willow yet for me to judge him, really. And yeah, Glac, he's the prof in Pokemon GO.

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I may not know too much about Kukui yet, but he deliberately lets Pokemon attack him for the sake of his research. It's not the smartest thing ever, but it makes him the most badass professor in my eyes.

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