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  1. If any of them is Palla I might just delete the game so I don't go bankrupted.
  2. Try Panic Ploy on your Fred. You said he has 60 hp? It might help.
  3. Beat it on Infernal by teaching V!Ike Red Tome Breaker. Kinda weird but hey whatever works.
  4. Thanks for that reminder that Panic Ploy exists. Probably wouldn't have beaten it without it. First try too.
  5. Elise so I can give Gravity to all my clerics, without promoting Lissa, since all Gennys will be merged. Lute, Julia, Katarina, Innes and Genny need merges. Still don't have Ephraim, Jaffar, Hardin, Alm or Linde. Ayra or Brave Lyn, Innes needs Swift Sparrow.
  6. Oh. That makes sense. COME ON TEAM HELP GENNY OUT.
  7. I really have no idea what's happening buuuuut... I apparently have 2 areas or something? Both Gennys are mine.
  8. Bisharp And Mimikyu And Tsareena And Blaziken And Arcanine And- a whole lot more. Admittedly tho, I haven't played Pokemon in a while. Haven't even beaten my Ultra Moon.
  9. Game gave me another Hector. -Atk +Spd Brave Ike, didn't bother checking ivs. I already got a good one. Now, who to give Distant Counter to.
  10. I want a Gerik's Mercenaries banner with: Mercenary Gerik (sword) Hero Gerik (Axe) Ranger Gerik (mounted bow) And Tethys, can use some kind of blue magic. JUST GIVE ME GERIK. Pls IS
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