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Revelations PMU (yes, another one)

Funky Tim

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Hey there,

I decided to try something different for my upcoming Revelations playthrough, and stumbled upon the PMU concept. Since I'm the kind of guy who likes having a piece of the pie, I decided to take part in that.


1. The game will be played on Lunatic / Classic. I have previously cleared Revelations on Hard, Birthright on Lunatic, and am currently working on Conquest Hard (all of these have been in Classic mode).

2. 16 units total.

3. Azura must be on the team and must be a Songstress, though if someone wants to think of some other classes I should dip into temporarily for skills, that's okay with me.

4. Corrin is fully customizable, including gender, name, appearance, bane/boon and talent.

5. Since I haven't used that feature before, prison units are allowed.

6. Child units are allowed, but only if both parents are already on the team (and are available for pairing) or the one who submits a child unit also suggests the parents.

7. DLC is not allowed, unless it's free. That means that something like the Witch's Mark is fair game, as are path bonus items like Dread Scrolls, but something that requires excessive grinding via Boo Camp or the like or items that are only available via paid DLC is discouraged. I don't mind doing skirmishes though if necessary.

8. No skill buying.

9. Post as many or as few units as you like, with as many or as little details as you like.

I think that's about it. Thanks in advance to anyone who wants to help. :)

Team so far:

1. +Magic -Luck Malig Knight Corrin

2. Songstress Azura (S-Rank Kaze)

3. Basara Reina

4. Blacksmith Kagero

5. Mechanist Hayato

6. Oni Chieftain Kagero!Rhajat

7. Wyvern Lord Camilla!Soleil

8. Maid Camilla

9. Master Ninja Laslow

10. General Effie!Percy

11. General Arthur (S-Rank Effie)

12. Berserker Effie (S-Rank Arthur)

13. Witch Elise

14. Swordmaster Kaze (S-Rank Azura)

15. Adventurer Candace

16. Bow Knight Niles

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Swordmaster!Kaze (and S-rank Azura)

And Adventurer!Candance (Midori's paralogue)

Added. While we're at it, does someone want to think of something for Midori? I've never used her before and I'd like to. After that, I only need roles for Effie and Elise to fulfill and I'm done. Thanks a lot everyone! :)


Scratch that, I'll use either Orochi or Niles instead, since I'll need someone to capture Candace.

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Since no one has used it yet, grab the free Witch's mark for Elise. And for Effie, how about Berserker, since she's married to Arthur, unless someone has a better idea.

Thanks, will add those.

Mercenary/Hero Saizo (Via Laslow Friendship)

Sorry, too late. I'll need either Niles or Orochi.

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A little update in case anyone's interested in my progress: I've started my run today and finished the first three chapters. I've decided that anyone who's not on the team is expendable, so I will not reset if I lose anyone except those 16 characters. Since I lost Jakob in Chapter 2, Chapter 3 was rather tedious to beat. I had to heal using fortresses, but I did manage to clear the whole map, including the "impenetrable fortress" across the bridge, feeding the majority of experience to Eruca (my Avatar), keeping Gunter in Guard Stance most of the time. I had to give him some kills unfortunately, but I'm still satisfied with the experience distribution overall.

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