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My Trip in Japan


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Time stamp.

0:00 Arrival
0:33 Shibuya
2:18 Family Mart
2:35 Shibuya More
4:44 Akiba Mall
5:30 Akihabara
9:00 Mugiwara Store Shibuya
9:19 Mcdonalds
9:41 Tokyo Tower
10:40 One Piece Tower Amusement Park
18:00 Pokemon Center near JR Tokyo Station
19:30 Conveyor Belt Restaurant
20:00 Book Store Visit
22:55 Breakfast at Denny's
23:13 Toy Store at Ginza
23:58 Front Gate of Imperial Palace
24:42 Nintendo Section of Toy Store and more toys
25:50 Sensoji Temple and marketplace
27:00 Mt Fuji and the 8 ponds
28:20 Magome Village
30:12 Deer Park at Todaiji Temple
31:18 Nintendo HQ Kyoto
31:38 More Parks and Todaiji Temple Deer Park
33:47 Shin Sai Bashi Suji in Osaka

So about a week ago or so I had the opportunity to take a vacation trip to Japan. It was the first vacation I had since high school so it was a relief to finally get some down time. I had this planned for a bit which is why I was never on for a while the last few month or so.

My Trip went for about 3 - 4 days in Tokyo going from Shibuya, Akihabara, Tokyo Tower, Imperial Palace to the Sensoji Marketplace. Unfortunately it was during the hottest weeks of the year so it was difficult to stay put.

After I went on a tour to Mt. Fuji where I got to be right near the mountain hiking area and the famous 8 ponds.

Then it was a trip to the Kyoto area where I was able to see the deer park and a bus trip let me see the Nintendo Kyoto HQ even for about 10 seconds. Experiencing both the traditional and the modern parts of Japan was definitely an experience I will never forget.

Overall, it was an amazing time and I hope to go back again.

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