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Hey all. I'm Chase, aka TriforceP, aka DekuNut, aka Red, etc etc. Call me what you like. I'm pretty new to the FE series, only picking up my first one (Blazing Sword) recently for a YouTube playthrough. Thus far it's pretty enjoyable, and I think I'll be playing more in the near future. A friend of mine, known here as Hero of the Fire Emblems (real original username bro) suggested I pop over here. So... I did.

Outside FE, I play a lot of what could be considered "Retro Games", a la Sonic, Mega Man, and (in case you couldn't tell from my username) Zelda. It's not that I dislike newer games - it's just that I'm too cheap to pay $60-$80 for a new Blockbuster Game, so those games are more accessible to me, and I've grown to enjoy them a lot.

So yeah. Feel free to ask questions. I'm a pretty open book.

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You're Ganondorf, aren't you?

Welcome to SF, have fun conquering the land

I'm not Ganondorf, I'm Scourge, check my avatar :P

What kind of book are you

A book of random stuff that you open up every once and a while to get random facts you never even considered and never will again.

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For a split second, I saw your red hedgehog avatar, your name being Chase, and I thought a living meme was visiting us :P

Welcome to the forest, mate! Hope you have a great time! :^_^:

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Welcome to the Forrest, TriforceP. Hope you enjoy your time here. I also LOVE Zelda. But Fire emblem will always be my favorite.

You'd better like The Wind Waker and Phantom Hourglass

I actually really like phantom hourglass too. I'd put in a top 5 ranking if I could. *Ahem. I understand all the hate at Phantom hourglass, and can get why people describe it as the worst zelda game. There's just one thing I gotta say, though: How can you hate a game that lets you doodle on the temple floors, lets you customize a boat like a mad man, and contains one of the most awesome close-minded a-holes of all time? :Colm:

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