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So can the GBA randomizer not randomize certain rom hacks?


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I've always hated how if you want proper variety in the class randomizations you essentially have to check "allow crossgender" so the women can have a good amount of classes but they get the male sprites.

However, I've been playing the Weapon Reversal mod for Sacred Stones which somewhat fixes this issue. It adds a few new classes and, more importantly, adds female versions of the pirate and brigand so one gets more variety in female classes (particularly since that way they can use axes)

So I figured that maybe I should try to randomize it just for fun but whenever I try it always results in an error.

Screenshots shouldn't be too useful since my PC is in portuguese but allow me to describe and translate the error message.

So the first thing it tells me once I click randomize is "The Item Table Offset has been updated. Item Table may have been repointed. If the number of items has changed, only the items up to the original amount will be used."

After that I click ok and it keeps going as usual until it provides me with the standard "you're played FE8 so avoid easy mode cus tutorials might be unbeatable with randoms" warning and immediately after that, an error message (in portuguese) comes in and roughly says:

"A non processed exception occurred in the application. If you click continue, the app will ignore this error and will attempt to continue. If you click exit, the application will be immediately closed."

"The object reference wasn't defined as an object (object's?) instance."

If I press Exit the rom isn't randomized.

If i press Continue it just sits there for the next five trillion years without doing anything but not really frozen either and... you guessed it, the rom isn't randomized.

Any clues? Thanks for any help in advance!

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