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"Insert Throwable Sprite" in FEditor


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So, what exactly does the "Insert Throwable Sprite" option in the animation creator for FEditor mean? I think it's related to the C26/C27 commands, or hand axe throwing or whatever, since it apparently requires a 32 x 32 picture for throwing. I read somewhere that it's incredibly hard-coded, and I don't want to waste my time making an animation for it to mess itself up.

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About sprite throwing:

The animation inserter has the option to select a 40x32 pixel image to be the sprite displayed when a battle animation command (0x26 or 0x27) used for "throwing" is reached in an animation.

To specify the use of such an image in a script, write the line for loading the image as you would a normal frame, only this time, precede the hyphen with a capital "T" instead of a frame duration value.

The "T" line must occur in the script before any command, terminator or frame loading lines are processed.

The above is from the documents included with feditor. I wouldn't recommend using it, as it's only going to cause headaches. If you want your animations to have thrown sprites, it'd be better to draw them in the same way as the other parts of the animation. In the vanilla games, this was used for mercenaries and heroes, and it isn't useful for anything else.

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that's used for exactly one animation, which is the hero's shield throw in its crit

it uses some heavy hardcoded GBA hardware tricks to make that work; it just uses the same sprite and rotates it (instead of making each rotation its own frame)

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