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Fire Emblem Awakening: Bonus Team Character ONLY RUN!


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So this is a challenge I would like to die of pain from where I only use Awakening spotpass character ONLY...


You will have to pick a lord out of every single first character from each game.

That Lord will stay only one class for the entire game which is the class you first got them as.

Once you get the ability to get wireless connection to get the teams you can only pick your Lord and 3 other characters.

You Have the ability to change units every 4 Chapters.{Excluding the Lord}.

Since Chrom is forced he can only be supporting your Lord and other spotpass characters.

You can only grind 5 levels per character until you finish the next chapter.

You can also freely grind Chrom so he won't die ..

In the final map have Robin pair up with some one else.

If your Lord dies you have to restart.

If one of your side characters die you can either restart or leave them die..WHICH MEANS NOT RECRUITING THEM AGAIN IN EVERY GAME for example Marth: If Pr.Marth dies you cannot recruit King Marth.

The difficulty has to be Hard/Classic or higher.

That is all....

If you want to try this challenge go ahead..

Mangs....If you find this please do it on Lunatic and Let's play it!

Ghast....Please do it too!

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Well I must have not been paying attention to what subforum I was posting on sorry about that..

There are some OP characters like Titania and Brom so you are right.

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The point is not to make you have OP characters like Sigurd,Seliph and Ike which makes you wait until semi endgame.

this sounds fun.

how do you recruit all the lords in the early game?

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