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Bond Unit Creation Combos?


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What class and skill inheritance combinations can you come up with in order to create a Bond Unit with a specific set up?


Route combo:

Personal Skill:

Inherited Skills (up to 2):

Initial Class:

Heart Seal (2 classes, one of which is Nohr Prince(ss)):


Here's an example:

Setup: Bond unit able to use all (Weapon)breakers at once

Route combo: Revelation+Revelation

Personal Skill: Lancebreaker

Inherited Skills: Swordbreaker, Tomebreaker

Initial Class: Dark Mage

Heart Seal: Mercenary


The bond unit starts as a Dark Mage to promote into Sorceror for the Bowbreaker skill. Afterwards, the bond unit then reclasses into the Mercenary's promoted classes for Shurikenbreaker (from Bow Knight) and Axebreaker (from Hero). With Lancebreaker as the bond unit's personal skill, Swordbreaker and Tomebreaker from "inheritance", and Bowbreaker, Shurikenbreaker, and Axebreaker from reclassing and leveling up, this bond unit can become difficult to hit for many weapons.

Mercenary is picked for Heart Seal class due to its class tree holding 2 Weaponbreaker skills.

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Danger Mario Bond Unit:

Hoshido x Valla


Talent: Samurai

Final Class: Dread Fighter

Personal Skill: Fiery Blood

Learned Skills:

Quixotic (inherited)

Vengeance (inherited)

Vantage (level up as a Samurai)

Life and Death (level up as a Master of Arms)

Awakening (level up as a Great Lord)

Arm with Sacrificial Knife, Ganglari, and Berserker's Axe for maximum effect.

(Also, yes, the Bond Unit with Fiery Blood is female, and therefore can access Great Lord to learn Awakening.)

Treasure Hunter:

Nohr x Nohr


Starting Class: Ninja, Outlaw, or Oni Savage

Talent: Apothecary

Final Class: Lodestar

Personal Skill: Collector

Learned Skills:

Salvage Blow (level up as a Blacksmith if unit starts as an Oni Savage; inherited if else)

Profiteer (level up as a Merchant)

Locktouch (from base if unit starts as a Ninja or an Outlaw; inherited if else)

Spendthrift (level up as a Merchant)

Hoshidan Unity (inherited)

Super Sniper:

Nohr x Nohr


Starting Class: Archer

Talent: Ninja or Apothecary

Final Class: Mechanist

Personal Skill: Opportunist

Learned Skills:

Quick Draw (level up as an Archer)

Aggressor (level up as a Dread Fighter)

Life and Death (inherited)

Certain Blow (level up as a Sniper)

Draconic Hex (level up as a Nohr Noble)

Galeforce (level up as a Dark Falcon)

Lethality (inherited)

Pick any two of the last four skills!

Arm with Spy's Yumi and Spy's Shuriken for maximum effect.

Immovable Object:

Nohr x Valla


Talent: Knight

Final Class: General

Personal Skill: Icy Blood

Learned Skills:

Wary Fighter (level up as a General)

Armored Blow (level up as a Great Knight)

Warding Blow (inherited)

Duelist's Blow (inherited)

Draconic Hex (level up as a Nohr Noble)

Best used with Venge weapons, and can use weapons with double attack-related penalties with impunity.

A forged Peri's Lance, Javelin, Hand Axe, or Throwing Club would also be a good choice.

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Nohrian Trust bot bond unit

Route combo: Hoshido+Nohr

Personal skill: Miraculous Save

Inheritance: Astra, Lethality, Rend Heaven, or Miracle (pick 2)

Starting class: Ninja, Samurai, Spear Fighter, or Monk (depends on what were not chosen for inheritance)

Heart Seal: Knight or Cavalier

Skill pool:


Dragon Fang



Tactical Advice

Dual Guarder

Pavise or Aegis

3 of the following: Astra, Lethality, Rend Heaven, or Miracle

This bond unit seeks to cram as many different skills that can be proc'd by another unit's Nohrian Trust skill as possible into his limited skill pool. Knight or Cavalier is chosen as the Heart Seal class since Luna skills can be picked up by either class and, depending on your preference, Pavise from Knight line or Aegis from Cavalier line. The unit can snag Dragon Fang from the Nohrian Prince class. Miraculous Save is the chosen personal skill as it can provide synergy with Nohrian Trust (by acting like a free Miracle) and should be able to stack with Miracle if Miracle was inherited or if the bond unit starts as a Monk. The Miraculous Save bond unit will always be male, meaning that the bond unit can learn Ignis and Tactical Advice from the Grandmaster class and Dual Guarder from the Lodestar class. Aether can be obtained via skill manual.

You can go with an attack skill or Miracle as the bond unit's personal skill, but the bond unit will always be female, meaning no access to Ignis, Tactical Advice, and Dual Guarder. Vengeance and Sol aren't mentioned due to the former having the lowest priority out of any attack skill and the latter contributing no additional damage output and can lower overall damage output due to having no damage bonus and having rather high priority.

Final class depends on what stat bonuses you desire from a pair-up bot from the available final classes.

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