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Fire Emblem Heroes unlimited votes theory?


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The First question to be answered: Do you somehow need the cookies to be enabled for a vote to be counted as a vote? If so, then the below theory could be incorrect and mistaken, which I prefer it to be.

In Fire Emblem Heroes ballot, after voting a character the page says: ”You can vote again tomorrow starting at 10 p.m. PT (7 a.m. CET). This basically let’s a person vote once per day with one device. Therefore, you can vote multiple times if you use your computer, smart phone, tablet etc. That’s understandable. But what if you could vote many times with your same computer with the same browser? 

Well, that might be possible. I just voted Amy 5 times in a row with my smartphone for test purposes. I’m just wondering if the previous vote is simply replaced by the next one or if the vote is not counted at all. (For example, 15:30PM I vote for Orson. then after a moment, 15:33PM I vote Stefan. Have I voted two characters or does the latter replace its previous vote.? Or have either of the votes been confirmed as a vote? Both times I get the golden glowing and the text ”You selected X” ) At least normally you shouldn’t be able to change your daily vote so this got me curious. I also didn’t link the nintendo account, since I find it too obvious not to work like that. I could have tested it but I don’t even have a one… I think.

Here’s the steps I did. 

1.   Go to the voting page with your browser (I used firefox with private browsing) 

2.   Vote without linking the nintendo account

3.   Vote your Character

4    Character gets selected

5.   Reset your browser

6.   repeat steps 1-5

Of course, if your Vote confirmation is somehow connected to your cookies, this trick is quite possibly invalid. Though, what if they aren’t? If you can stack votes, isn’t the whole ballot rigged? Like it’s not anymore about that all the people have equally 13 votes to give. It’s more about the people who put the most effort and time into grinding votes.

Let’s Imagine hypothetically that there’s a group of five people. Each of them uses this trick to vote Lyn repeatedly. Let’s assume It takes 1-2 minutes to restart the browser and cast another vote for a character. If all the five persons vote Lyn for an hour, Lyn has gotten at least 150 votes. If we Imagine the group would consist of 30 people whom will efficiently vote Meg for 5 hours, She’d be getting at least 4500 Votes, while normally they could only give 30 in that time. This kind of a trick can’t be working, right? It would be too ridiculous and unfair.

Last question: Does the vote get transmitted into the host server when you get ”You selected X” despite your browsing style(incognito mode, etc)? What do you think? 

Do you think this exploit could potentially work? Would you like it to work? I certainly hope not. Discuss about the matter below.  (Then again, It could be fun if some Old school FE hipsters would boost Dagdar or someone that caliber into the top 10)


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Sounds like a pretty good way to get your data invalidated, TBH. In the extended details/rules, they talked about how they reserve the right to invalidate the votes of anyone caught manipulating Miiverse accounts to get extra votes; do you really think that something like this won't be caught also?

RIP in peace @ your votes, buddy

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