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Pokemon Duel, formerly Comaster


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For those who do not know, Pokemon Master Trainer was a board game during Gens 3 which wasn't seen again until last year with the release of Pokemon Comaster, a reimagining of the game for mobile devices. Until this morning, it was assumed to be Japan only, but it has been localized as Pokemon Duel and is now availible in the US! 


I actually don't know about Europe, so if anyone knows, it'd be appreciated.

It can be downloaded from here on the Pokemon website.

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I remember seeing ads for this when I was a kid during the D/P craze, but seeing little about it since. It is nice to see it back again.

I do wonder why they decided to bring it back, considering how it wasn't the biggest success in the world. I guess they saw potential in it by releasing it digitally and removing the issue of expensive figurines 

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