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Character Customization Wishlist

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So, I really hope, that we get character customization in the new FE, and I was wondering what you guys would like to see added, or taken out of the process. I would love to see eye color added in, and more hair styles, more realistic ones anyway. And for the most important thing I would love to see on my PC in FE, a beard. We need facial hair.

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Since posted ideas in the Avatar discussion might as well paste it here also: 

Since I'm 100% positive that the Avatar system is here to stay I for one like FE12s idea of different outfits/portraits base on class or at the very least customizable outfits for real diversity to them. The morphing Armament idea I had for a long time since Fates and goes into my idea of FE12s custom Avatar class system which I feel should definitely be taken into consideration since that has potential and uniqueness into what character YOU feel you want to be portrayed. As also for their Morgan/Kana kid please make them nameable if HM and RF can do it no excuse for OUR character! plus dialogue options for supports would be a dream even if small!

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38 minutes ago, CountessGardy said:

*Korean (I think)

I never really played a lot of MMO's before. I used to play Planetside 2, and World Of Warcraft back in the day, I still play NeverWinter. I want to pick up FF14, but I don't want to pay for it. I actually really miss Wow, now that I think about it. I might have to re-activate my account. (I played horde as a blood elf several year ago, and recently with the free month, back in June from the Warcraft movie code, as human on the Alliance side. I actually like the Alliance better then I did the Horde. I also had one of the bull people too. I think if I did start playing again, I'd think I'd start putting it on youtube. {I've been trying to get something going on there for a while. I really wanted to do Fallout 4 modded, but since I'm on PS4 we did not get mods, and since I'm a family friendly channel, no fallout 4 unless I get it on PC, so I can download a mod that removes cussing. I've realized I'm ranting at this point. I am sorry.)

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  • Eye color customization
  • Skintone customization
  • Females keep hair decs, and males get facial hair as the equivalent customization feature
  • Build on existing features like hair styles and colors, body types, voices, ect.

Other than that I'm pretty okay with what Awakening and Fates gave us.

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  • Let us choose our race.
  • Bring back Awakening's 3 body types per gender as opposed to Fates' 2.
  • Armour palette customisation
  • Facial hair options for males
  • Let us customise our goddamn eye colours, IS!
  • Armour variants. Now we can make our Avatars look even less generic!
  • Add more hair options, especially for males. In Awakening and Fates, hair was either too short or too long for my tastes, so it'd be nice to have some kind of medium length coif.

I've probably got more ideas, but I can't think of them right now.

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Well, first off, I'd like to have more body types again. In awakening we had "childish", "teen/young adult", and "older adult". In fates we just have "child" and "teen". Also, more hairstyles, please! In awakening, I had a hard time choosing between hairstyles for both male and female, because I liked so many of them. In Fates, I had a hard time picking between hairstyles because I liked so few of them. Fates went way to far in a sort of celebrity/pop star direction with hairstyles as opposed to the generally a little more ordinary hairstyles in awakening. Why not just let the artists go crazy and draw like 20 or 30 hairstyles for every body type?

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My wants typically echo what everyone else's but:

  • The return of beast, manakete, dragon and bird races and, therefore, the ability to choose them.
    • Each race would have a unique ability and bonuses, but they would also have flaws to balance them.
    • Dialogue from NPCs and even allied units would vary depending on the race chosen. (i.e. Birds are stereotypically seen as thieves. Shopkeepers may say something like, "Keep those sticky claws to yourself, bird.") It would be more for aesthetic and worldbuilding purposes.
  • The return of three builds. To go even further, separate height and build to mix and match characters. (i.e. I could have a character with a "short" height but a "buff" build.)
  • The ability to select skin tone. It doesn't have to be a wide spectrum—just do what Pokémon S/M did and give us four, ranging for very fair to very dark.
  • More hair style selections. For twelve instant hairstyle bases, choose three varying lengths (i.e. short, medium, long) and four varying textures (i.e. curly, straight, wavy, kinky). There you go, designers and artists. Go make some different styles.
  • More hair decorations. Male characters should get head/hair decorations as well.
  • More facial scars and markings. Each race could even have tribal markings/tattoos locked to them. Also, please, give facial hair to men.
  • The ability to select eye color. Just use the same hair color selections.
  • The ability to choose face type similar to Fates.
  • Character portraits correctly reflects facial markings, hair, etc. and matches the class the unit currently is in. Basically like New Mystery of the Emblem, except promoted classes will be displayed also.
  • The ability to choose speech patterns and better vocal range. Dynasty Warriors: Empires has a feature where you can choose a speech pattern (i.e. Brave, Haughty, etc.) and the characters will have differing battle grunts and lines to say reflecting that. You can also edit the pitch with a slider.
  • The ability to dictate growths and possibly personal skills through a background system like in New Mystery of the EmblemThis was actually my favorite part of the character creation in that game, and I thought it would be an interesting touch that could tie in nicely in the upcoming one.
  • A "personality test" that would help select support partners. You know how some games have scenario quizzes to narrow down growths and all of that? It would be similar. Of course, there would be an allowance for particular characters—perhaps the main lord or some other important character.
  • The ability to choose primary class and secondary class. The primary class would be the starting class, but the secondary one is what is passed to your partner.
  • The ability to choose armor color. I want this color palette to be retained as my character reclasses.

I think that's all I can think of at the moment.

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1 hour ago, saisymbolic said:

A "personality test" that would help select support partners. You know how some games have scenario quizzes to narrow down growths and all of that? It would be similar. Of course, there would be an allowance for particular characters—perhaps the main lord or some other important character.

Not likely, but that would probably be the best possible addition. The supports in Awakening and Fates are fun, but some characters just really have no business getting married to certain characters, if they have business getting married at all, and the writing suffers in favor of the mechanics.

I pretty much agree with all the other accounts. Bring 3 body types back, make the hairs look messier, portraits than change based on class. More of the sweet sweet voice acting goodness. The whole kit and caboodle really. :)

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The biggest customization addition I'd like to see is something that allows the player to choose their character's personality, at least to some extent. It hardly feels like an avatar character when we're not allowed to choose their decisions, dialogue, or anything about their personality. It'd also be pretty cool if we could choose between a set few backstories which would affect where the Avatar originated from and maybe change who they start the game interacting with. 

I don't really expect to see this considering the fact that it'd make for a ton more work in regards to the story and supports for the Avatar, but it would be nice to have so that I wouldn't feel annoyed with Corrin the Avatar because he/she keeps making decisions that I don't agree with or talking to characters in ways I'd never talk to them.

Otherwise, I agree with what most everyone else said... it'd be nice to have MORE of what we've already got. Eye shapes, hairstyles, accessories, etc. There just need to be more customization options in general. I also feel like there weren't enough voice options or body types, and it'd be great to be able to change the Avatar's outfit. I felt like Corrin's outfit in Fates was atrocious, especially on male Corrin...

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Yeah adding what others say:

a race option ie human, beast, Manakete, etc (also makes certain supports/convos unique).

Eye color/skin tone

Keep how secondary class picking is now

(All apply to their kid)

Personality options

More facial marking/tattoos

More hair/accessories (give males accessories and better hair options).

More body builds like Awakening.

As I stated different portrait armor/outfits based on your favored primary class FE12 style plus pallet color choice.

FE12s growth rate choosing via questionnaire (should now determine personal skill as well)

Dialogue options 

would be a dream for me!


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Choosing personal skill is something I didn't think of that'd be pretty cool. What would our options be?

  • Some kind of (context-sensitive) HP regeneration for defensive builds
  • Some kind of damage booster for offensive builds
  • Some kind of ability that boosts nearby ally stats, for offensive-support builds
  • Some kind of ability that weakens nearby enemies, for defensive-support builds
  • Some kind of item-gathering skill
  • Some kind of skill that improves accuracy and crit rates, for sharpshooting builds.
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