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Unlocking skills on 4/5 star characters (example inside)


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I'm playing since the release right now, but I'm still stuck with a question.

I've a few characters on 4 stars who got a special skill unlocked, but not the special skill before that.
Both skills show the same information, but I don't know which one is best or if they do the actual same thing.

For example (Image 1):

Odin got 2 skills: New Moon (3) and Moonbow (2). Both skills show the same description.
Which one is better? Does the 2/3 mean any consumption/turns before it works?
Because I don't wanna spend 200SP if it has no function.

On Ryoma (Image 2) the difference is way more obvious.

I hope someone got the answer to this.
Thanks in advance!




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Moonbow has a shorter cooldown period, meaning that it takes fewer actions before Odin can use it in combat when compared to New Moon.

New Moon requires 3 actions; Moonbow, 2.

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