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Chapter 6 help


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OK, so I've been playing Sacred Stones on Normal. I just beat Chapter 5x, went to move on to Chapter 6... and quickly came across a problem.


You see, in my playthrough of Chapter 5, I didn't get to the northernmost village in time. I tried sending Ross and Garcia west, but they kept missing and getting hurt and there was no way they were going to be able to beat the swordsman that in front of them. So, I never got the Torch, or the Guiding Ring, which was more disappointing... at first.


I quickly stocked up on a bunch of gear. I would have bought a Torch, but I didn't have enough money and I didn't want to sell any weapons. Somehow I failed to realize, even having looked up Chapter 5 and seen what I would get, AND knowing that the shop in Chapter 5 sold Torches, that the next map would be a Fog of War map. So I opened up Chapter 6, and since I can't exit out for some reason (doesn't help that I saved prior to finding out that the map would be Fog of War), I'm stuck.


What do I do? What's the best strategy for this map? What units should I use?


(The army I tried to use to fight it was Eirika, Seth, Ross, Garcia, Neim, Colm, Artur, Lute, Natasha, and Joshua. I imagine that this was not the best idea. I thought "Well, I don't know what I'm going to fight anyway... Might as well grind up those supports..." Perhaps it would be better to use more generally strong and tanky units, but besides that, I'm stuck.)

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In my experience, it's the easiest way to ignore the civilians and just go north at the beginning, not east. The village just gives you an antidote, so it's no problem at all to ignore it as well.

The map objective is Kill Boss, not Rout, so it's possible to let Seth push forward to end the chapter well before the spider starts to munch on the green units. He's hidden in the middle of the plus-shaped flat terrain in the north eastern corner of the map. Be careful because there's a poleax fighter lurking near the mountan range NE of the starting location - he starts with an iron axe equipped though, so you can bumrush him if you can spot him in time. No torch kinda sucks, but Colm still has increased vision.

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I have always made it a goal to get the civilians saved. If you're willing, switch out Lute for Vanessa, and have her go save the civilians, because if all saved they give you an orion's bolt. So have vanessa fly down to the village, land on the village (I find it's the safest place). And have Colm follow her. This way colm can attack and Vanessa can save them. For timing's sake it takes 7-10 turns for the bael to kill. If needed refer to the wikia for help


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