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I Just Finished an Alm Solo

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After my first playthrough of Echoes I thought that it would be fun to attempt an Alm solo for the portions of the game that Alm does. Now rules that I had established were the only units I would use would Be 1) Alm, 2) Silk. Silk's job was to warp or heal Alm as necessary, and since people who have done Ike solos have allowed the use of a supporting unit like a healer or Reyson I felt using Silk would fall under that same rule. This challenge was done on Hard, Classic difficulty for any who are wondering.

This was a fun challenge that I enjoyed quite a bit, all of the maps on Alm's half of the world were able to be completed by using only Alm. Now when I got to the point where Alm had maxed out his base class, I focussed on moving forward with Celica until Alm could promote so that he could still gain experience from his kill. Now the one battle in this game that I was unsure if I would be able to solo it or not was fighting Nuibabba, and guess what? I was able to complete that map using only Alm plus a little warping from Silk, now granted doing an Alm Solo will not give you a record turn count but this was a lot of fun to do. I was also able to keep Mathilda alive when you attack Dozer, for the final map I used Alm, Celica and Silk and I was able to do it. Now since you are using only Alm you should be able to forge him a pretty powerful bow, the royal sword and also Falchion with little difficulty, and most of the stat boosters of course went to Alm for obvious reasons. I will probably do this again for the fun of it, but this time around I would like to try and push Celica to her fullest potential, I don't know if I can do a Celica solo but, we'll see I might get surprised. One thing that probably helped was Celica had a silver bow which I forged and then traded over to Alm so that he would have a good bow, this definitely helped a lot especially on maps that had a lot of witches and mages.

If anyone is looking for a fun or interesting challenge for Echoes you might want to give this a try, or maybe this will give you an idea of a different challenge you could do.

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Normal difficulty I guess?

As for a Celica solo- I might try that. The ugly terrain would be a chore, but between a shield for Defense, her decent Res, all the Lion Heads, and the Mage Ring for countering Mire Arcanists, she has durability enough. Plenty of offense too via her magic selection and any sword she wants.

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You have a point there about Celica, Interdimensional Observer. And no my challenge was done on hard difficulty, I forgot to include that in my post. Sorry about that I should have said so to begin with, and you're right about the mage ring. Celica with a mage ring is awesome.

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