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Recommend me an FE character to make a character sheet on.

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So I decided I'd make another DND character based off an FE character, but I've already tried what I found what would be interesting to play a personality like, such as Peri or Serra.

So I think I'll leave it up to you forumers; could you find me a character that you think I'd enjoy having a personality like?

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You could try Maribelle or Clair from Echoes.  Or I could see Noire being quite a bit fun, though you'd have to put in some effort to pull that "BLOOD AND THUNDER" attitude.  Oboro could also be a bit interesting from a gameplay standpoint, having quite a few out-of-combat skills that don't revolve around the cliche thief stuff, though again you'd have to put in some effort to capture her vehement racism.  I'll also throw in Mitama, L'Arachel, Mozu, Ophelia, and maybe Cynthia as potential candidates.

Of course change them up however you need to.  Whoever you choose in the end, I hope you have a fun campaign.

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