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Self introductions are hard, so I'm sorry if this is awkward!

I'm a total Awakening baby (got it for Christmas after my friend insisted I played it in... maybe 2014?), but I started playing some of the GBA games on Wii U virtual console because everyone in the other communities I've been in have talked them up so much. I hope to play some of the other games on an emulator when I'm done with the games I'm playing right now. Fire Emblem came into my life at a really bad time, and being able to lose myself in these games helped me cope with what was going on. I'm still not the best at Fire Emblem and I hope to get better at the gameplay part of it, but I have a lot of love for this series and I hope it shows!

(This was really mushy and dopey, and I didn't really intend it to be. Oh well!)

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Nothing wrong with not "being the best." All that matters in Fire Emblem and video games in general is if you had fun playing it and got your money's worth! Good to have more fans of the series on board.

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Welcome to the Forest, Meowth!

That wasn't awkward at all. You did great for a self introduction.

Have a nice day and enjoy your stay!

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