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Hey SF!

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Hi all,

I've been a member the fire emblem subreddit for a few years and have used serenesforest as a great resource many times before but I am now just starting to get into the actual forums here. I've been playing Fire Emblem since the early 2000s when a friend let me borrow his copy of FE7. I've played FE 4, 6, 12 and every western release in the main franchise except Revelations to varying levels of completion. My favourite entry in the series is probably a toss-up between Radiant Dawn or Sacred Stones, with Cormag being my favourite character in the series. I'm a pretty casual player and am just looking to have a good time whenever I pick a new FE game.

Thanks for reading and I hope you have a great day!

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5 hours ago, IHaveTheSacredStones said:

First hand over the waifus.

Sorry, just told F!Corrin to hand over her skills and scram. :P:

Ahem. . .welcome~!  Don't forget to read the rules and all, 'cause there's some things we do a bit differently!

(end generic greeting)

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Hello IHaveTheSacredStones, and welcome to the forest!

Don't worry about being a casual; there's a lot more "casual scum" on this site then you might initially suspect, so you should fit right in (hopefully).

Anyway, welcome again, and I hope you enjoy your stay!

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7 hours ago, IHaveTheSacredStones said:

First hand over the waifus.

If you're looking for Cordelia, Severa, or Noire, I already obtained their souls through a Xiaolin Showdown in Disboard involving 12 pennies and a Signed SR Celica about a week after Cipher Series 9 came out, so no dice. Anyways, welcome, always glad to see a new face! I'm usually lurking around if you need help with any games newer than Radiant Dawn or the TCG, so let me know if something comes up!

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